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At Omega Blu™ our mission is very clear.
We have set out to improve your foundational health through natural ingredients & formulations that are clinically proven & backed by over 30 years of research. Foundational health is necessary to regain or achieve that youthful spark. Based in Science-Guaranteed Products!
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At Omega Blu™

we focus on...

Methodically-Crafted Formulas

Each of our products is formulated using research and scientific data. We add exactly what you need in the most effective amounts based on science.

Products Using Natural Ingredients

A healthy lifestyle is possible without a prescription or handfuls of supplements. Omega blu™ gives you the best natural products all in one.

Supporting Lifelong Wellness And Health

We want to help you be the best you can be every step of the way. Get the nutrients that are perfect for your body without unecessary add-ins.


Developed With
3 Decades Of Experience

Omega Blu™ is the result of 3 decades of experience and hundreds of clinical trials. Our scientists have been developing products for the pharmaceutical and nutritional industries for over thirty years, and have created some of the most advanced formulas on the market. 

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Purity-Tested For Peace Of Mind

We take great care to purity-test our products to ensure that you are getting the most effective, pure ingredients in each formula.

Our goal is to help you live a long and healthy life that’s pain-free. Foundational health made easy thanks to Dr. Fred Sancilio.


Our Products Are Manufactured In US FDA Registered And Inspected Facilities

Our Omega-3 capsules are manufactured in U.S. Food and Drug inspected facilities. These are the same facilities that manufacturer prescription Omega-3 products!

Our supplements are sourced from natural ingredients.

Our Omega Blu™ fish oils are Friend of the Sea (FOS) certified and sourced in line with strict standards for fishing method, by-catch reduction, and social accountability. The Friend of the Sea project is a global initiative from the World Sustainability Organization that promotes seafood from sustainable fisheries & aquaculture. This means we only source from programs that are environmentally friendly and that work to sustain our fish and oceans. 


Created By The Sancilio Family

In 1848 my great great grandfather launched his company; Torre Sveva, SRLS from his small factory in Puglia, Italy. His products then as they are today, are natural oils extracted from olives and almonds and shipped all over the world. The family tradition continues with the launching of our newest Brands of Omega Blu Nutraceuticals.

We’ve been developing essential fatty acid products for decades. In fact, we became interested in one particular oil called Omega-3 back in the 90s: Our idea was to use ultra-purified fish oil to treat heart disease and inflammation… naturally.

Eventually, that idea became reality when Sancilio helped a team with the development of the first US FDA approved prescription fish oil called Lovaza.

Lovaza has helped millions of people worldwide control the quality of their blood lipids with natural but purified omega-3. While only Lovaza was approved by the US FDA as a prescription medication for many years, hundreds of other companies jumped on the bandwagon and introduced fish oil supplements in a wide range of purity and quality. It’s been nearly impossible for the average person to understand good from bad products.

At Omega Blu™, our mission is simple: we want to provide consumers with the highest quality, non-prescription supplements and so we introduced our super enriched Omega-3 capsules. Our capsules are made from ultra-purified fish oil distilled dozens of times into a pharmaceutical-grade -

product. In fact, the oil used in Omega Blu™ is made in the same factories as the oil used in several current prescription products!

And we go a step further.

To enable the highest absorption, we use only the natural triglyceride form of EPA and DHA, the important omega-3s, shown in clinical studies to be even better.

Did you know that nearly all inexpensive “fish oils” are sold in a gelatin capsule made of cow or pig parts? Not our Omega-3s! We encapsulate our refined fish oils in fish gelatin, a highly purified eco-friendly product for those who avoid meats and meat by-products or simply don’t like the smell of bovine or porcine gelatin. If you currently take an inexpensive fish oil, smell the odor in the bottle and you’ll understand why we switched.

So, not all fish oils are the same! Omega Blu™ is perhaps the purest of all those available in the United States – it is made in US FDA registered facilities and developed by our scientists for professional use. Pharmacists, doctors, psychologists, nutritionists, and chiropractors recommend Omega Blu™ to their patients every day.

Compare our label to any other product and see for yourself. We also make our product with or without Vitamin D. Yes, for no extra cost, you can take a single Omega Blu™ capsule and take both supplements at the same time.

That’s one less bottle to keep in your medicine cabinet and more money in your pocket.


We Hope You’ll Try Our Products.
We Guarantee You’ll Love Them!


Sustainable Products
Backed By Science

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