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As a healthcare professional, you are faced with dozens of brands of dietary supplements that all claim to be the best. All promise that their products are pure, high quality and formulated uniquely, but that is simply not true. When you, a practitioner makes suggestions to your patients to supplement their diet with specific nutritional products, you cannot be sure that they will be able to distinguish between hype and truth.

Many of Sancilio’s Omega Blu™ healthcare partners understand that we provide a pharmaceutical-grade array of products at a price that is affordable. We help you address your patients’ needs with professional-grade blends that contain all the necessities for foundational health.


Build Customer Loyalty
With A Premium Product

Our pharmaceutical-grade formulas are not only better for customers, but they are also better for healthcare partners too. By showing your customers the results that happen with a premium product, you gain a loyal customer base that won’t be shopping anywhere else. We don’t sell our products in chains, so our professional partners gain sole claim over sales. 

Clinically-Proven Formulas

Pure & Premium Ingredients

Sold Only By Professionals

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Money-Back Guarantee

Our commitment to you is that you will have the absolute best dietary supplements on the market available to address your patients needs. All of our products have been formulated by doctors with decades of experience, and all have a money-back guarantee. You’ll be assured that you’ve provided your patients with the best! 

We are so proud of our products that we put our own family name on every bottle. Look for the "By Sancilio" label for a no-nonsense pharmaceutical-grade dietary supplement.


Provide Your Patients With The Best

We pride ourselves on excellent service, speedy order shipment, and educated technical support.

As an Omega Blu™ Healthcare Partner, you can purchase at special terms and conditions and receive daily access to our Scientists and Doctors for questions and knowledge. 


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