Omega Blu™ is a powerful 2,500mg of Omega-3 blended with or without Vitamin D3 formulated uniquely, providing a superior fish oil professional product.

Omega Blu™ is potent, safe and comes in a fish-based gelatin soft-gel capsule.  The powerful DHA, EPA and DPA, have been demonstrated in over 30 years of clinical research to impact cardiovascular, bone and eye health.Difference & Benefits of Omega Blu™

  • Offers the largest amount of Highly Concentrated EPA and DHA.

  • Capsules are made with fish gelatin unlike most others that use pig, cow or beef by-products (Bovine)

  • Manufactured in the USA at a registered FDA facility

  • Distilled 20+ times for Purity, Mercury Free

  • Made from 100% Sustainable Fish

  • Burp Free – Fresh Citrus Taste – Odorless

  • non-GMO and third-party tested

  • Vitamin D is added for cardiovascular and bone health. Omega-3 and Vitamin D work together to make bones stronger