Omega-3 Fish Oil 2750mg with D3

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Omega-3 Fish Oil 2750 -mg with D3 – Omega Blu Triple Strength EPA DHA Supplement with No Fishy Burps.

  • 90% True Triglyceride Form for Better Absorption
  • 2 Softgels Contain 2500mg of Omega 3 with 1500mg EPA & 680mg DHA
  • 2000 IU (50 mcg) Vitamin D as Cholecalciferol
  • 3rd Party Tested for Purity & Freshness
  • 100% Fish Derived Gelatin Capsules
  • Friend Of The Sea Certified
  • Fresh Citrus Taste
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  1. Anne Marie

    I started taking OmegaBlu about a year ago for heart and joint health and have been very happy with the results. There are no harmful additives, there’s no fishy after taste and I feel great! Highly recommend.

  2. Richard Sansevere

    For several years I have been taking Omega–3 with D3. Here is my story. I am in my 70S and I was experiencing serious lower back problems. The diagnosis was facet arthropathy, severe stenosis, broad disc bulge and severe central canal stenosis. All in all I was in bad shape. I could not stand or walk a very far distance without my legs collapsing. My case was bleak. Major surgery seemed to be the only recourse, but the Orthopedic doctor’s recommendation was that at my age, surgery would not be a good idea. I was doomed to living with this ailment, and further deterioration.

    I had read about Omega-3 with D3 and thought I would try it. I started taking my Omega-3 with D3 every day, increasing the dose slowly to 11,000 MG a day. Within the first month I noticed a difference, a significant increase in my ability to stand and walk had occurred so much so that I could now make it to the gym and do some exercise. I was ecstatic. I now started to hang on chinning bar and could feel my vertebrae stretching. After four months of Omega-3 with D3 I am back to normal, standing and walking longer distances without pain or my legs collapsing. Omega-3 with D3 has saved my life and I now can function normally. Thank you, Omega-3 with D3.

  3. TheLoud

    These are large capsules, measuring 26.5 mm (1.043 inches) long. They’re also unusually thick. They have to be big to hold all this fish oil, a whopping 2,750 mg per two-capsule dose. I can swallow them fine, but if you have trouble swallowing big pills, you’d probably rather take a lot of small pills instead of these large ones.

    The description makes a big deal about this fish oil being in the triglyceride form. There is some evidence that this form is less prone to rancidity than the ethyl ester form of processed fish oil, and may be absorbed better. Then again, there’s also evidence that omega-3s in phospholipid form, found in krill oil, are absorbed better than the triglyceride form found in fish oil. I like to get my omega-3s from a variety of sources.

    The suggested serving of two capsules daily also provides 250% of your recommended daily vitamin D. While this isn’t enough vitamin D to be dangerous, it’s more than necessary, (unless you’re starting off with a big deficiency) so I think I’ll take just one of these a day, and also some other source of omega-3s, like krill oil.

    Most brands of fish oil capsules smell fishy, but these don’t. I don’t notice any citrus smell either, although they have citrus flavor added. I also don’t notice any fishy burps after taking them, but I find that in general, taking my fish oil before a meal instead of after prevents fishy burps.

    If you can swallow big pills, these are a good choice for getting omega-3s.

  4. Penny Carlton

    It doesn’t give me indigestion.

  5. Don’t Panic

    By the label, this is a high quality, good dose of fish oil. It is sourced from anchovies, which means that heavy metals should be low. That does not replace heavy metal testing, though, which they do not offer with this product. I feel like for this price they should do something to mitigate heavy metal, BPA and contaminant concerns. The triglyceride form is the preferred form, although likely still inferior to krill and algal oils. The main selling point here is the high dose, and I aim for about 1000mg DHA per day. As mentioned this is really a 15 day supply and, as such, is quite pricey. An algal oil may be better. As far at taking the capsules, I have had no issue, but i’m pretty sure I could swallow a golf ball and not hiccup once.

  6. Jason

    Awesome product! I can feel a Difference in my joints after the first month

  7. Veloz

    Is easy to take and no fishy small or taste.

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