Although there are thousands of nutritional products touted as important for your health, there are few that have been studied as intensively as the essential fatty acids, and in particular, the Omega-3s.  While commercially available omega-3s are plentiful, only a small handful are properly formulated and even fewer are available without a doctor’s prescription.

What is Omega-3

Omega-3 is a class of fatty acids found in every animal on the planet.  Our entire body is made up of trillions of cells and each of these has a particular combination of fatty acids and omega-3s.  Referred to as “good fats” omega-3s are polyunsaturated and must be kept in balance with other components for optimum health.  The most important of these fatty acids are EPA and DHA, the major components of Sancilio’s Omega blu™ ultra-pure products.  But not only do we supply highly purified omega-3, but we formulated these into a special triglyceride form, to enhance solubility and mix it with d-limonene to eliminate burping. 

Incredibly Potent

Unlike nearly all other omega-3 products sold without a prescription, Omega blu™ packs over 2500 mg of EPA and DHA into a single serving of two capsules.  That’s over 1250 mg in a single capsule; well above any other premium product.  At this level, you are provided the benefit of omega-3 nutrition at a fraction of the cost of other premium products with or without a prescription.  Most illnesses originate in the cells of your body and keeping cells optimally structured is a great first step toward prevention of many diseases. 

We’re Special

Not only have we formulated our Omega blu™ products with the highest-grade omega-3s, and used only highly absorbable triglyceride forms, but we also encapsulated our product into pure fish gelatin.  Remarkably, most people don’t realize that the gelatin in nearly every fish oil sold in the United States is made from waste products of the meat packing industry.  We do not use cow or pig parts to make our gelatin.  We use only purified fish gelatin making Omega blu™ friendly to most any diet that restricts the use of animals like pigs or cows.  

Vitamin D is included at no cost to you!

We offer, at no additional cost, 1000 IU of natural sourced Vitamin D in every capsule.  As with omega-3, Vitamin D is essential and co-exists with omega-3 in our cells.  It is critical for health and has been recently shown to help our immune system fight off viruses and other maladies.  Omega blu™ provides omega-3 products with and without Vitamin D allowing the consumer to make their own personal choice.

These statements have not been reviewed or approved by the US FDA.  This product is not intended to treat, cure or diagnose disease.