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Why Omega-3 is Important to Your Body?

Omega 3 fatty acids are natural "good" fats that are found in fish and certain plants. The plant variety must be converted by enzymes in the body to the important two; EPA and DHA. Only about 5% of plant based omega 3 is converted to these, and so to have healthy levels a diet must contain a substantial amount of fish or supplementation. In Omega Blu™, we focus on supplying you with only the essential two omega 3s; EPA and DHA that have clinically proven health benefits. These include heart, brain, immune and eye benefits that have been documented in thousands of scientific publications. Since most American diets are low in fish consumption they are deficient in these vital nutrients, hence, supplemental omega 3 is a must. Evidence suggests that taking at least 1,000 mg of high quality omega 3 will reduce your risk of serious disease. Don't be fooled by product labels that disguise a lower potency product or the wrong omega 3. Also note serving sizes. While we recommend taking two capsules per serving, just one will exceed the suggested guidance from the American Heart Association!

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