Research-proven to combat nutritional deficiencies

Our ingredients

Vitamins & minerals

Our MultiVits are made with a proprietary blend of research-proven vitamins and minerals important for health.

Fruits & Vegetables

A blend of 42 fruits and vegetables with a wide array of micronutrients that is only found in such a blend.

CoQ10 50mcg

CoQ10 is an antioxidant that is important for cell growth and maintenance. It improves heart health & blood sugars.

Ginseng 5mg

With anti-inflammatory effects, ginseng also helps fight fatigue and improve concentration and overall immunity.

Citrus bioflavonoids

Citrus bioflavonoids have been tied to support of normal blood flow in extremities.


May be supportive to people with disorders including depression, panic, and OCD.


A highly beneficial and potent antioxidant that helps you produce collagen & use Vitamin C.


Reported to maintain healthy inflammatory levels and increase free testosterone.

General support for optimal wellness

An all-in-one solution for health-conscious adults

For alot of us, it’s hard to get adequate nutrients from the food we eat. And when looking for nutritional supplements the hundreds available on the market today can be confusing to navigate. 

Omega Blu™ has combined what used to be a handful of pills into a foundational MultiVit that addresses all of our basic nutritional needs with a blend of 42 fruits and vegetables, vitamins, minerals, and more.

Boost immune response & improve energy levels

Supplementation without prescription side effects

Since many of the vitamins in MultiVits support immune function, older adults may benefit from consistent use of this product. Generally regarded as safe and readily available over the counter, dietary supplements have been used with few significant side effects in clinical studies over decades. There is evidence suggesting that dietary supplementation with vitamins and minerals and with a combination of immunity-related micronutrients – as found in MultiVits – supports immune function and reduces the risk and severity of infection.

Targeted supplementation with these vitamins and minerals may provide additional protection at doses higher than the U.S. recommended dietary allowance (RDA). We have included a wide array of vitamins and minerals in our product, which are sometimes higher than RDA levels to address nearly every benefit needed for foundational support.

The benefits of a multi-vitamin

Our liquid cap multivitamin is comprised of an easily absorbed blend of nutritious powerhouses. It impacts every aspect of nutrition, from vitamin deficiencies to amino acid breakdown and lower LDL rates. 

Fills nutritional gaps in today's diet

Supports metabolism & cellular health

Benefits heart health & immunity

Can help slow symptoms of aging

Developed from years of research

A hand-chosen formula backed by science

Our foundational MultiVit is specifically designed to provide the most potent combinations for the highest effect. In a combination of studies affecting 384,248 participants, results showed vitamin D had the highest probability of being ranked most effective in the prevention of cardiovascular events. With regard to reducing the cardiovascular disease rate, vitamin E was considered better.

Although MultiVits are not claiming to treat or cure any disease, it is interesting to note that the scientific literature attributes the use of such complex vitamin mixtures with immense benefits to the heart, immune system, and overall health. We’ve factored in these attributes in our MultiVits’ unique blend.

Addressing common deficiencies

Packed with micronutrients & vitamins

Did you know? Over 30% of older adults in the United States, Canada, and Europe are deficient in one or more micronutrients. 

This plays a huge role in the global disease burden. These deficiencies may contribute to age-related decline of the immune system and in the general health of individuals, which is most often characterized by increased levels of inflammation, reduced innate immune function, and reduced T-cell function. Our MultiVits contain a broad array of both minerals and vitamins to combat common deficiencies and help you live healthier. 

Third-party tested for premium quality

Sustainable products backed by science